McKinley Towers

425 Seneca St SE, Niles, OH 44446   

425 Seneca St
Niles, Ohio 44446
Property Manager: Angela Maruca
Phone: (330) 652-9101
Fax: (330) 6529293
  • 1 and 2 Bedrooms: 5 Months  
McKinley Towers is located off Robbins Avenue in Niles and has 105 one bedroom apartments. There are 14 completely accessible apartments in the building which is designed for occupancy by elderly and persons with disabilities. Applicants age50 – 61 may also apply, however, preference will be given to elderly and disabled applicants unless the waiting list is not large enough to support full occupancy
Rent is based on income. Residents may qualify for participation in FSS programs. All units are accessible by elevators. Utilities are included in the cost of rent.