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Resident Service Coordinators

Robin Centofanti
Riverview/Eagle Creek Apartments
330-394-7803 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Jasmine Jackson
Girard Manor/Eagle Creek Apartments
Stephanie Zapka
The Elms Apartments

The Resident Service Coordinator Program is designed to assist residents in our housing facilities to make progress towards housing self-sufficiency.  To accomplish this goal, Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority hires Service Coordinators to link participants to supportive services which enable elderly / disabled residents to age in-place and remain living independently.  Service Coordinators manage and provide access to necessary supportive services in the community, provide case management services as needed and requested, and develop programs and resources that support wellness for the entire resident population.


Service Coordinators ARE:

  • Advocates on behalf of their residents.
  • Resources for residents on available community-based services, and can answer any questions.
  • Facilitators of wellness and other educational programs for residents.
  • Motivators who empower residents to be as independent as possible.
  • Monitors who follow up with services provided to residents.
  • Champions who encourage residents to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Educators who provide trainings and assistance to residents and other property staff.
  • Advisors who can assist residents with building support networks and consult with tenant organizations and resident management.
  • Referral agents who connect residents to service providers who can meet their needs.
  • Community partners to assist residents with accessing community-based services.

Examples of Service Assistance:

  1. Financial Assistance:
    • Reading and understanding bills
    • Calling companies regarding billing errors
    • Enrolling in benefits programs and providing assistance with accessing entitlement programs
  1. Medical Assistance:
    • Assistance with understanding and /or acquiring prescription drug benefit plans
    • Arrange for home health aide services
    • Coordinate wellness clinics
    • Read and understand Medicare/Medicaid entitlements, appropriate policies and issues
    • Arrange physician appointments and transportation
    • Arrange for home medical equipment
    • Assist in setting up emergency medical information forms
  1. Education and Emotional Support:
    • Plan monthly presentations on topics such as living wills, telemarketing fraud, wellness and areas of residents interests
    • Coordinate nutritional programs
    • Assist in developing a residents’ association
  1. Homemaker Assistance:
    • Assist in finding and arranging homemaker/chore services
    • Arrange for grocery shopping services
    • Arrange for Meals-on-Wheels
    • Arrange for transportation for shopping and other needs
  1. Legal Issues:
    • Assist in completing forms or obtaining necessary information regarding living wills or advance directives
    • Assist in reviewing social security earnings statements